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Reel Productions was started from a love of telling stories between an imaginative husband and wife. A love for stories became a reality and passion of filming and documenting moments that are real and relevant.

We are known for our bold ideas and daring look and feel of our work. Intensive pre-production efforts, stunning cinematography and a modern sophisticated approach to editing is the foundation for our work. Artistic inspiration remains integral to our process.

We build real relationships and insights with people and brands alike. Our personal investment in you or your product and brand drives the end-result that we achieve for each client. We genuinely believe that this is our passion and our attention to detail and the time we spend meticulously crafting each project allows us to tell your story better than anyone else.

Reel Productions Videography Team Husband and Wife


My creativity stems from an everyday activity that most people today have but a mere fond memory of – reading, reading everything in sight from the moment I could comprehend. One of my family’s fondest memories is an old VHS tape where 7-year me is reading some pamphlet in the back of our car on a road trip, no matter that I could not understand what it meant.

Books transported me everywhere, from mountain ranges to hilltops, to magical and mystical unknown places, all needing to be built inside my imagination. Every character had its own style and look, perfectly imagined (to the point that I still get upset today about castings made in films – “That’s not what my imagination told me that character should look like!”) in my mind. This dream reality, with its pieces perfectly sculpted has given me the most wonderful gift, the gift of creating stories from nothing. Any idea thrown at Reel Productions is a blank page waiting to be crafted and sculpted.

These days I feel fortunate that my imagination can be brought to life. I find beauty in the mundane, in the extravagant, in the everyday. I aim to capture these details with every project brief we tackle. There is a story everywhere, we just need to write and create it.



When asked what I do for fun, inevitably one of my answers for the last 25 year will be: “Movies”. Growing up, my mom  used to take me to see a movie, whenever she was able, to the point that I believe one of my first full sentences was: “I don’t want to see “Ded Poet Totiety” again”

Coupled with a large close-knit family from all walks of life, I found a kinship with the artists in my family. I was raised to think creatively, to imagine, to believe, and create the impossible. I had the opportunity in my younger years to work in the Art Department for a large Film Production company, which launched an even greater interest in filming for future years to come.

Every project I work on is a blank canvas waiting to be molded into a cinematic masterpiece. I often find myself visualising projects, ideas, and impossibilities. One of my strong beliefs is that never mind the creative aspect, keep on learning. The world is ever-changing and if I am not creating it, I should be studying it.

My love for film and experience filters through to each project we work on at Reel Productions. The techniques, the cinematography, that perfect shot. Each project deserves it, and we aim to create it.


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